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Rent a Mechanical Bull for the BEST Company Picnic!

Posted on 21 September 2018 by Willie Felice (0)

We know there is still snow on the ground, but we’re still heading into spring. And this is the best time to start planning your company picnic. Why? Because the BEST company picnics should include a lot more than just a few games. We all know how much inflatables can add to a corporate event, but have you considered the excitement a mechanical bull can offer?

And please don’t worry that mechanical bulls aren’t safe. They’ve come a long way from the bull that was shown in “Urban Cowboy”. Not only are they safe, but they’re actually a lot more exciting.

The new era of Bulls (or bucking machines) aren’t just for adults either. Children as young as five years old can enjoy a riding a bull. But don’t think that makes it too easy for that “wannabe’ cowboy. He’ll get a wild ride himself… and it’s very likely he’ll be thrown off quicker than he thinks!

The trick to a safe ride is really the right operator. An operator needs to be trained, not just in the safety of your mechanical rodeo bull, but they need to understand your event. A skilled operator can offer a fantastic ride to any age participant, but still keep the traffic flowing so that everyone gets a chance at a ride.

There are a few things you need to consider when looking for Mechanical Bull Rental Winnipeg. The first thing you’ll want to make sure of is that your bull is a multi ride unit as opposed to a hydraulic unit. There are safety features on a multi ride bull that just aren’t available on the old fashioned, hydraulic bulls.

· Make sure the your mechanical bull comes with a trained attendant

· Your bull ride should have a “safety switch”. This switch will automatically shut the bull off immediately when the rider falls off. This is another reason not to use a hydraulic bull. Since a hydraulic bull can’t stop on demand, many riders get some nice bruises when they get hit by a moving bull after falling off the ride.

· You want an inflatable mat, not just a pile of straw.

· Last but not least… make sure your mechanical bull provider is FULLY insured by a reputable underwriter.

Most mechanical bull riders enjoy competition and they’ll keep coming back again and again so make sure you take this into consideration when you’re making your party plans. You might want to only allow one ride per person until you make sure everyone has had his or her chance for a challenging ride.

Consider your rodeo bull rental a great opportunity to have a theme company picnic! Offer a western type barbecue, complete with some western scenery. Or set up a rodeo competition area.

Get your imagination going and do something different this year. With a Sasketchewan Mechanical Bull Rental, company picnics are sure to be a hit! Creative Carnivals & Events can help you with each step of your planning. With their help, you can plan a picnic that your employees will talk about all year long!